Lego Lord of the Rings Red Brick Guide

I Told You He Was Tricksy Achievement IconThroughout Middle-earth there are 20 red bricks for you to find an unlock. The in-game map will show you how many red bricks can be found in each part of Middle-earth by hovering over the Map Stone in each location. Every red brick is unlocked by completing a fetch quest for a Mithril item. You cannot find these items, but must craft them at the Blacksmith in Bree. To do this you will first need to find the design itself, then you will need to gather Mithril bricks for the blacksmith to craft the item. The designs are found in the levels and throughout Middle-earth. If you need any help finding them, or need to know how to craft the items, check out our Blacksmith Design Guide. Mithril bricks are unlocked for achieving certain things within the game. You can get them for completing a level in story mode, achieving true adventurer on a level, completing a minikit, completing a fetch quest etc… When you have finished the fetch quest, the red brick will appear next to the person you helped. You must click on it and buy it using studs you have collected, for it to be available for you to use. You can then turn it on in the Extras menu, which you can find by pressing start at any time. 

Brick Cost How to unlock
Poo Studs 25,000 Craft the Mithril Rope for the hobbit in Hobbiton. You will need to destroy the Morgul bricks blocking their door to gain access to the quest.
Disguises 50,000 Craft a Mithril Cluster Bow for a man in Edoras. Before you can get the quest, you will need to put out the fire in front of his door. To do this, go to the left of his house and plant the seedling that you find there. Now use this to bounce up onto his roof where you can walk along a plank to find some water. Fill your bucket and head down to put the fire out.
Boss Disguises 100,000 Craft a Mithril Music Horn for a Dwarf in the Pass of Cardhras. To find him you will need to reach an island by jumping across bouncing lily pads. You will need to use a rope hook on the first one, and hit a target with an arrow on the second one. Now bounce over the pads until you find the dwarf behind a gate, which you will need the Beserker to open for you.
8-Bit Music 200,000 Craft some Mithril Climbing Boots for an Orc at the Black Gate. To reach him you will need to find an arrow hole on the right side of the gate. Fire an arrow into it, then use a high jumper to jump from arrow to arrow until you land at the base of a ladder. Now just climb up the ladder to find the orc.
X2 250,000 Craft Mithril Gloves for the lady in Rivendell. Getting to this woman can be a pain. Head towards the question mark in the northern part of Rivendell and you will find a pool of water. Head around the pool, to the right, until you see some leaves int he water. Jump onto the leaves and use these to get to a bouncing lil pad. Use the lily pad to jump up and reach the grab rail. Shimmy round the column and drop down onto another lily pad, then jump onto the land to find the female elf.
X4 1,000,000 Craft a Mithril Rod for an Uruk Hai in Amon Hen.
X6 4,000,000 Craft a Mithril Top Hat for a woman in Edoras.
X8 8,000,000 Craft a Mithril Shield for a dwarf in Helms Deep.
x10 10,000,000 Craft a Mithril Squeak Sword for a man in Cirith Ungol.
Quest Finder 50,000 Craft the Mithril Trowel for the person stood in the entrance to the Prancing Pony in Bree.
Minikit Chest Finder 50,000 Craft the Mithril Stud Mallet for a hobbit inside a crypt at Weathertop. You will need to pull the orange handle to get into the crypt.
Mithril Brick Finder 75,000 Craft the Mithril Boxing Gloves for the guy in Bree. You will need to blow up the Mithril padlock on his door.
Character Studs 25,000 Craft a Mithril Fire Bow for an elf in Minas Morgul.
Attract Studs 100,000 Craft a Mithril Carrot Bow for a dwarf in Lothlorien. You will find him tucked away in a cave, to the west of Lothlorien.
Action Assist 25,000 Craft the Mithril Whistle Sword for an Uruk Hai in Shelobs Lair.
Fast Build 100,000 Craft Mithril Music Boots for the Uruk Hai that is south of Isengard.
Fall Rescue 75,000 Craft a Mithril Shockwave Axe for an elf in Lothlorien.
Mithril Hearts 75,000 Craft a Mithril Headdress for an elf in the northern part of the Dead Marshes. You will need to climb a Gollum wall to reach him.
Regenerate Hearts 100,000 Craft the Mithril Ice Bow for the guy south of Weathertop. You will need to blow up some Mitrhil bricks blocking the entrance to a tunnel. The guy can be found on the left, at the end of the tunnel.
Invincibility 500,000 Craft a Mithril Tinderbox for a dwarf in Cirith Ungol.
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    Where is the third red brick in Bree? I only see two on the list.