Lego Lord of the Rings Character Guide

Not With 10,000 Men... Achievement IconThere are 74 playable characters that you can unlock in this game. Many of them are unlocked automatically as you complete levels or tasks. Others need to be found in Middle-earth, and purchased. Usually you can find the character easily by selecting them on the map and following the trail of ghost studs to their location. Because of this, most characters in this guide only contain their location. However, sometimes you may need a little more information about how to find them, and when that happens, this guide provides that information for you. All our characters in this guide are listed in the same order that they are in your game. So, if you are missing one, you only need to look at the characters either side, then find them on the list to see which one you are missing, and how to get them.

Elendil Complete the Prologue
Isildur Complete the Prologue
Frodo Complete The Black Rider
Sam Complete The Black Rider
Frodo (Shire) ?????
Merry Complete The Black Rider
Pippin Complete The Black Rider
Aragorn Complete Weathertop
Arwen Evenstar (Ranger) You will get this character after Elronds Council, as you leave Rivendell. It is part of the story and you will not be able to miss it.
Gandlalf the Grey Complete The Pass of Caradhras
Gimli Complete The Pass of Caradhras
Legolas Complete The Pass of Caradhras
Boromir Complete The Pass of Caradhras
Faramir Complete The Dead Marshes
Madril Complete The Dead Marshes
Gandalf the White Complete Warg Attack
King Theoden (Armour) Complete Helm’s Deep
Gollum Complete Osgiliath
Frodo (Orc Disguise) Complete Cirith Ungol
Sam (Orc Disguise) Complete Cirith Ungol
Shagrat Complete Cirith Ungol
King Theoden Complete The Battle of Pelennor Fields
Eowyn (Dernhelm) Complete The Battle of Pelennor Fields
Merry (Rohirrim Squire) Complete The Battle of Pelennor Fields
Aragorn (Gondor Armour) Complete The Black Gate
Pippin (Gondor Armour) Complete The Black Gate
Frodo (Weary) Complete Doom
Sam (Weary) Complete Mount Doom
Aragorn (Royal Armour) Complete Mount Doom
Mouth of Sauron Complete the Bonus level in Rivendell
Sauron Complete the Bonus level in Rivendell
Elrond (Second Age) 200,000 Rivendell (Night time only)
Gil-Galad 125,000 Cirith Ungol (North of the save point there are two large rocks with a tightrope running between them. At the base of one of these rocks there is a crank. Destroy the rock near the crank to find a crank handle. Head to the south of this area where you will find a gate in the wall of rock, with a crank nearby. Use the handle to open the gate and follow the tunnel until you find this character.)
Bilbo Baggins 125,000 Rivendell
Tom Bombadil 125,000 Half way between Hobbiton and Bree
Rosie 25,000 Hobbiton
Ringwraith 200,000 Weathertop (Night time only)
Ringwraith (Twilight) 200,000 Weathertop
Elrond (Third Age) 200,000 Rivendell
Gloin 25,000 Rivendell (You will need to blow up some Mithril rocks to reach him)
Moria Orc 25,000 The Pass of Caradhras
Uruk Hai 25,000 Helms Deep
Lurtz 200,000 Amon Hen
Galadriel 200,000 Lothlorien
Celeborn 200,000 Lothlorien
Gondor Ranger 25,000 Minas Morgul (Osgiliath)
Easterling 25,000 The Black Gate
Grishnakh 125,000 Edoras
Radagast the Brown 500,000 Bree
King Theoden (Cursed) 200,000 Edoras
Eowyn 125,000 Edoras
Hama 125,000 Edoras (Head behind one of the houses on top of the hill and jump over to where he is stood on the outer wall.)
Gamling 125,000 Edoras (Fanghorn Forest)
Grima Wormtongue 200,000 Isengard
Haldir 200,000 Lothlorien
Lothlorien Elf 25,000 Lothlorien
Beserker 200,000 Helm’s Deep (Use rope to get over the Deeping Wall, then climb the stairs on the right. that lead up into the fortress. When you reach the top, he should come out to meet you.)
Eomer 200,000 Helms Deep
Gondor Soldier 25,000 Minas Morgul (Osgiliath)
Saruman the White 500,000 Isengard (At the top of the Tower of Orthanc)
Mordor Orc 25,000 The Black Gate
King of the Dead 500,000 Minad Tirith (Dunharrow. Night time only. Took a while to appear.)
Soldier of the Dead 25,000 Minas Tirith (Near Edoras. Night time only.)??
Rohirrim Soldier 25,000 Helms Deep
Witch King 500,000 Minas Morgul (To the left of the entrance into Minus Morgul, there is a spot for an elf to jump up onto a plank. Follow the plant round the corner and use the rope hook to reach a grab rail on the left wall. Move along the grab rails onto another grey block and head round this corner too. Drop down onto the floor and walk towards the water. There is a lily pad in the water that you can use to cross over it. The Witch King can be found there.)
Denethor 125,000 Minas Tirith
Gothmog 125,000 The Black Gate
Citadel Guard 25,000 Minas Tirith (Plant a seed at the base of one of the towers to reach a grab rail. Now jump from rail to rail until you are at the top of the tower where the guard stands.
Corsair 25,000 Edoras
Haradrim 25,000 The Dead Marshes
Boromir (Captain) 200,000 Minas Morgul (Osgiliath)
Bilbo Baggins (Old) 125,000 Hobbiton (Inside Bag End)
Blacksmith Craft all Mithril items
Lurtz (Newborn) Complete the game 100% (You may think you have completed 100% of the game because the achievement has popped up for you, but if you pause it you will probably find you are at 99.8%. You need to create a custom character to get it to 100% and unlock this character.)
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  • i have got all characters but not recieving trophy

  • syuja013

    i get lurtz newborn in 50% i dont have to be 100%

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    i used a code for lurtz newborn:


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    what happens when you want a character and it says not avalible at this time…:( and a moon appears on it????????????????