Lego Star Wars 3 Red Brick Guide

Cheat! Achievement IconThere are only 18 red bricks to find in this lego game, but they are scattered far and wide. Lego Star Wars 3 has not one, but two hubs for you to run around in between levels, and the bricks are spread between them both. There are two hubs are known as the Resolute, the Republic ship on the left, and the Invisible Hand, the Separatist ship on the right. You will need to fly between them to find all 18 bricks. Below is a list of all the bricks, where and how to find them, and how much they cost. Enjoy!

Brick Location How to get Cost
Perfect Deflect Invisible Hand Docking Bay Use a Mech Droid to raise the platform across the gap on the right. Go to the small vehicle dispenser and choose one. Ride it across the bridge you just raised and place it on the large orange button. Get a character with heavy weapons, or a bounty hunter thermal detonator, to blow up the large silver cup behind the doors you just opened. 100,000
Dark Side Invisible Hand Bridge Use Dark Force to move part of the large display above the terminal. Keep using the force until the brick drops down. 150,000
Fast Build Resolute Games Room Go to the right hand side of the room and you will find a punch bag on the wall. Hit it 5 times. 500,000
Invincibility Invisible Hand Ground Assault Vehicle Bay You will need a clone character to get this brick. When you dock with the Invisible Hand, go into the ship, north of your position. When you exit the lift, go up the stairs and head all the way to the right hand side of the room. Towards the front of the screen you will see a clone trooper access panel. Interact as a clone trooper and the brick will appear. 1,000,000
Minikit Detector Resolute Minikit Bay In the left hand corner, down screen, you will find a mech droid terminal. Use R2, or another mech droid, to interact with it and the brick will pop up. 750,000
Super Speeders Resolute Minikit Bay You will need Jar Jar and a heavy weapons clone character to get this brick. First, use Jar Jar to jump up onto one of the minikit pods in the back row. From there, jump onto the ledge near the ceiling, along the back wall. Run to the far left hand side and destroy the large box. Build the bricks that come out of it into a grapple. Now use the heavy weapons clone character, such as Waxer, to get up the grapple point, and run all the way to the right. Break open the silver box to get the brick. 40,000,000
Score x2 Resolute Docking Bay In the top left hand corner of the room there is a grey cabinet. Destroy the boxes in front of it then use the grapple to open the crate. 500,000
Score x4 Resolute Fun Vehicle Bay In the top left hand corner of the room there are three wheelie bins. Use the force to move one of them onto the purple square. If you pick the right bin, when the bin is empty the brick will appear. If not, try another bin. 2,000,000
Score x6 Resolute Corridor As soon as you come out of the lift from the bridge, go to the left of the lift and find the purple plug hanging down. Place it into it’s socket and a grapple point will appear. Go up the grapple point and walk round to the left to find the brick. 10,000,000
Score x8 Invisible Hand Observation Deck Use a heavy weapons character, or bounty hunter thermal detonator, to blow up the table in the middle of the room. 20,000,000
Score x10 Resolute Corridor Destroy the silver object in the room, then destroy the black box beside it. Build the lego pieces that came out of it into a Robino/Magna Droid terminal. Go and change into either one of these characters and activate the terminal. Now use Dark Force to break open the box and access the brick. 40,000,000
Stud Magnet Resolute Corridor Around this room there are 4 gold objects you will need to destroy with rapid fire. The first one is above the passage leading north. You will need to use the grapple to get up onto the ledge to reach it. A second one can be found on the other side of the ledge. While the other two are next to the east and west exits. 500,000
Regenerate Hearts Invisible Hand Bounty Hunter Room Hanging from the ceiling there are four large objects. Shoot each one down, then hit them again when they are on the floor to destroy them. When all four are destroyed the brick will appear. 400,000
Character Studs Resolute Brig Open all six cells in the brig. At the back of each of the first five cells is a panel. Hit it to knock it off, then use the force on a valve that was behind it. When all five valves have been turned, another panel in the sixth cell will open to reveal the brick. 100,000
Super Saber Cut Resolute Corridor You will need to use a sniper character to get this brick. Go into the corridor and stand at the T-junction in the north. If you look at the ceiling you can see 3 small green discs that will pop down from the ceiling. Hit each one of these using a sniper gun to get the brick. 300,000
Dual Wield Invisible Hand Docking Bay As soon as you dock with this ship, jump out and run to the left. When you reach a gap that you cannot jump across, walk along it and you will see the brick. Use the force to raise a platform so you can reach it. 250,000
Glow in the Dark Resolute Medical Bay Next to the lift there is a hospital bed. Use a Jedi Slam on the bed and it will lift up, revealing the brick. 25,000
Red Brick Detector Resolute Bridge Go to the right side of the bridge and destroy some brown bricks. Build them into a small character hatch and crawl through to find the red brick. 12,500
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