Lego Star Wars 3 Gold Brick Guide

Stealth Wealth Achievement IconThere are 130 gold bricks in Lego Star Wars 3, all of them are awarded for completing certain task. This means that, unlike some of the other Lego games, you do not need to go looking for them. When you do collect all 130 bricks, you can unlock the last ship of the game. There are 7 different ways of earning a gold brick in the game. You will be given one for each level you complete, reaching true Jedi in each level, completing each minikit, completing each bounty hunter mission, Separatist victory for each planet, and Republic victory for each planet.

Level Complete 22
True Jedi 22
Bounty Hunter Mission 16
Complete Minikit 22
Space Missions 16
Separatists Ground Assault Battles 16
Republic Ground Assault Battles 16
Total 130

Below is a list of all the levels and planets. There are three bricks for each level, and three for each planet.

Levels Planets
Geonosian Arena Vassek
The Hidden Enemy Dead Moon of Antar
Ambush! Ruusan Moon
Blue Shadow Virus Florrum
Storm Over Ryloth Geonosis
Innocents of Ryloth Malastare
Liberty On Ryloth Rugosa
Battle of Geonosis Chrisophsis
Gungan General Ryloth
Jedi Crash Naboo
Defenders of Peace Coruscant
Weapons Factory Tattooine
Legacy of Terror Quell
Duel of the Droids Maridun
Shadow of Malevolence Rishi Moon
Destroy Malevolence Saleucami
Lair of Grievous
Grievous Intrigue
Zillo Beast
Castle of Doom
Hostage Crisis
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