Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hat Guide

You May Throw My Hat Achievement IconUnlike other Lego games, you must find red hats, instead of bricks. There are 20 to be found and all of them are within the main hub. Some of them are easy to find, while others need some thinking about. Like other Lego games, one of the red hats can be unlocked to help you find the others. However, you have to find this one first. So, if you do want to know where it is, or are looking for a specific one but don’t have the hat finder yet, then you can use this guide. All 20 are listed below, with where to find them and how much they cost.

Hat To unlock Cost
Disguises On the right hand side of the port, behind the lighthouse, is a barrel of dynamite. Blow it up to get the hat. 25,000
Fast Dig Raise the bridge to Tia Dalma’s hut. You will need enough gold bricks to first build part of the bridge, then you will need to use a barrel to raise it. 50,000
Fast Forge Head all the way to the right of the port, past all the minikits, and to the end of the pier. Get a character to fix the mechanism here and some barrels will be raised, revealing the red hat. 75,000
Extra Toggle Go to the left side of the port, where all the bars are, and get up onto the top terrace of the first building in this area. Blow up the silver door on this terrace and you will find a red hat. 100,000
Fast Build When you have 34 gold bricks, build a crate in front of the lighthouse from them. Now break it and build those bricks up. Now use the ships wheenl to turn it into a lift and hop on. Ride it up and you will see the hat in a little alcove. 125,000
Treasure Magnet On the beach, in the main port area where the level boards are, get enough gold bricks to build the sandcastle on the left hand side. Now, blow it up to reveal a red hat. 225,000
Breath Underwater Under the pier that has the levels on it, there are three silver padlocks. Either use a cursed character, or go and find the coin near the lighthouse to become cursed, then blow at three padlocks for a hat. 250,000
Regenerate Hearts On the beach, in the main port area where the level boards are, get enough gold bricks to build the sandcastle on the right hand side, then destroy it for the hat. 275,000
Red Hat Finder Stand in front of the lighthouse and use the compass to find a red hat. When you find the x that marks the spot, a ring of red flowers will pop up. You must hit each one as quickly as you can to make them all disappear before any of them pop back up again. This will make the hat appear. 300,000
Minikit Bottle Finder On the beach, opposite the level boards, there are three crabs running around. Follow one of them until it tires and you will be able to jump on it’s back. The red hat will appear the moment you do. 400,000
Extra Hearts Underwater, near the level boards, on the left, there is a silver barrel underwater. Use a cursed character, or get the coin from near the lighthouse, and shoot the barrel. Now go onto the beach and turn the lever until the platforms are straight. Finally, use a female character to jump up on the platforms to pull two green levers. 500,000
Always Double Treasure From the port, go to the left and through the gate. As you enter, you will see two cannons in the corner. Use either one of these and you will see three targets bobbing around in the water. Shoot all three to reveal the hat. 600,000
Invincibility Use Blackbear to break open the crate in the left hand corner of Tia Dlama’s hut. 1,000,000
Treasure x2 On the beach, opposite the level boards, there are five posts sticking out of the sand. Jump on each one in turn to make the Red Hat appear. 500,000
Treasure x4 Use Blackbeard to break open the door to the inn, on the left hand side of the port. In here, use Syrena to smash the fish tank at the back of the bar. 1,000,000
Treasure x6 In the left area of the port, near Tia Dlama’s hut, you will find well. There are three silver objects surrounding the well. Hit each one and the hat will appear in the well. 1,500,000
Treasure x8 In Tia Dalma’s Hut, walk towards the screen and you will find a small cage, on the right hand side. Destroy this and you will find the hat. 2,000,000
Treasure x10 When you have 34 gold bricks, you will be able to scale the lighthouse. Get to the very top and you will find a spyglass. Look through it and find the pirate on the island. Watch him as he digs for buried treasure. When he has made a few attempts you will have a hat appear next to you. 2,500,000
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