Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat Codes

It does not appear that there are any cheat codes for Pirates of the Caribbean, other than a few character codes. Also, there are only 20 characters to unlock using codes. For your benefit, the codes have been added here, in case you choose to use them. To use one of these codes, pause the game and choose Extras, from the menu. Here you will see an option to enter a code. Add the corresponding code in, for the character you wish to unlock.

Ammand the Corsair EW8T6T
Angelica (Disguised) DLRR45
Angry Cannibal VGF32C
Blackbeard D3DW0D
Clanker ZM37GT
Clubba 644THF
Davy Jones 4DJLKR
Governor Weatherby Swann LD9454
Gunner Y611WB
Hungry Cannibal 64BNHG
Jack Sparrow VDJSPW
Jacoby BWO656
Jimmy Legs 13GLW5
King George RKED43
Koehler RT093G
Mistress Ching GDETDE
Phillip WEV040
Quartermaster RX58HU
The Spaniard P861JO
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