Lego The Hobbit Red Brick Guide

Ever The People's Champion Achievement IconAll collectible red bricks can be found by completing a fetch quest for someone in the HUB world. You must find a character that is willing to give you a red brick in exchange for a Mithril item. To get their requested item you will need to locate the Blacksmith Design and then craft the item at the Blacksmiths workshop in Bree. Once you have crafted the item you can return and exchange it for a brick. Once a brick has been bought you can then turn it on by accessing the Extras menu.  

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Lego The Hobbit Blacksmith Design Guide

Labouring In The Village Of Men Achievement IconThroughout the game you can collect 32 designs for new items that you can create at the Blacksmith in Bree. There 16 designs scattered throughout the large HUB world and one in each level of the game. This guide will show you how to find each of these designs, and explain how to collect them. Once you have a new design you can head to the Blacksmith and, if you have enough Mithril bricks, you will be able to craft the item.  Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Red Brick Guide

One Big Pile of Bricks Achievement IconScattered throughout the four HUB worlds there are twenty red bricks to find. When you have found one you can then go to the Visitor’s Centre in Jurassic Park, or on Main Street in Jurassic World, and purchase the brick. When you have purchased a brick you can turn it on by pausing the game and choosing Extras from the list. Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Minikit Guide

We're Out of a Job Achievement IconAs with all Lego games there are ten minikit pieces to find in each level. Completing each minikit in this game unlocks a new dinosaur skeleton that you can use as a playable character. This guide will tell you how to find all the minikit pieces scattered throughout the twenty story levels. However, if you are still having trouble finding a minikit, you can unlock a minikit detector by finding a red brick and purchasing the detector from the extras menu. Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Amber Brick Guide

The Legacy of John Hammond Achievement IconThroughout the four HUBs you can summon dinosaurs for you to play as. Before you can summon the dinosaurs you must first unlock them by finding an amber brick. There are twenty bricks to collect, one in each of the story levels. This guide will tell you what dinosaur you can unlock in each level, along with how to find the amber brick. If you’re still struggling though, you can unlock and purchase a red brick that you can use as an Amber Brick detector.

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. Please be patient while I update it with more accurate and detailed information.  Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Gold Brick Guide

Next Time It'll Be Flawless Achievement IconThere are a total of 275 gold bricks to be found and collected throughout this game. Half of them will be given to you for completing certain tasks, such as completing a level, healing a sick dinosaur, or saving a worker in peril. However, there are 133 gold bricks scattered throughout the 4 HUBs for you to find. This guide will show you how to find all of the gold bricks for this game.

Throughout the HUBs there are map location posts that you should activate as you go. If you activate one of these map posts you will see icons appear on the map for bricks, dinosaurs, races, and more. If you click on the map point you will also see a list of items that can be found within this area. I have listed the gold brick locations by the map pointer they are included in.    Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Sick Dinosaur Guide

Helping Hand Achievement IconIn the four HUBs there are ten sick dinosaurs that you can help to heal. Healing dinosaurs will unlock a gold brick, and healing all of them will get you an achievement. Before you can heal some dinosaurs you may need to search a pile of droppings first. When you have done this you will see three items circling the dinosaurs head. You must find all three items and feed them to the dinosaur to heal them.  Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Character Guide

All I Got Was This T-Shirt Achievement IconWhile playing through this game you can unlock and buy 142 playable characters and dinosaurs. While there are twenty different types of dinosaur to unlock, not all of these are playable from the character selection menu. Some can only be used by bringing them into the HUB using a dinosaur summoning pad. Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Photo Guide

Observe And Document Achievement IconScattered about the four HUB worlds there are 20 photo spots to find. Taking a picture in each spot will give you a gold brick, and taking all 20 photos will give you an achievement. Some photo spots are ready for you to take the picture as soon as you find it, while others will take some action to uncover the photo spot.  Read more »

Lego Jurassic World Race Guide

Must Go Faster Achievement IconThe races in this game can be completed using dinosaurs, cars, or by riding on animals. There are 20 of them throughout the 4 HUB worlds and they are all easy to beat with the right approach. This guide lists where in the HUBs to find the races, and offers any tips you might need to complete them. Finishing all races with net you an achievement. Read more »